Realtime chess Design - version 1.1


This is about documenting the details of how Realtime chess works.
Realtime chess is a realtime game based on chess movements rules.


Game rules

See Realtime chess rules


Time values and piece position

Every piece not moving at the chessboard will be exactly at the center of the field it's in. This is illustrated with a red dot.

fig. chessboard

The time it takes a piece to move to a nabour field takes exactly 1 second. A nabour field is any of the fields that surrounds the red dot.

fig. chessboard

A move from the red dot to any of the blue dot will take exactly 1 second.
In the time from 0 to 0.5 second the red dot will still be in the same field when it's been moved.
In the time 0.51 after the piece is moved, it will be in the next field.

When a piece arrives at the destination, the piece can move again when 10 seconds have passed.
This is visually showed with a delay maker which slowly decreases.

fig. delay


Movement rules

Chess movement rules apply.
See Realtime chess rules for more information.


Collition rules

There will be collition of pieces if two pieces at some time get in the same field.
Here both the red dot are in same field for a black and white piece. There is a collition.

fig. collition

On an collition event, a piece will be removed. See Realtime chess rules for more information about collition rules.

fig. knight

The're only two collition area for the knight. At the start position or at the destination field.
For the rest of the other pieces, the collition point are between the starting point and the path to the destination of the fields.

fig. rook

Example: If the rook is moving upward, then the collition point will be in the fields marked by the blue dots.


Implementing the Kungfuchess

Misc. subjects to be analysed before implemting the kungfuchess.

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