Making a simple Realtime chess movieplayer - version 1.1


This is about how to make a simple implementation of a Realtime chess movieplayer
The idea is to make a simple animation window,
where misc. piece pictures is moved around using info from a textarea.


Screen design

fig. screen layout

This is a simple layout for a movieplayer.

A playlist should minimum support following commands

Misc commands like text messages on screen could be supported


Commandslist structure

Inserting a new piece
piecename position delay_value_in_percent time_in_millisecond

Removing a piece or all pieces
remove position color time_in_millisecond

Moving a piece
position position time_in_millisecond


Example of playlist data

whitepawn a2 0 0
blackpawn b3 0 0
a2 b3 1000
remove b3 black 1501
clear 3000

whiteking d4 50 4000
blackpawn e5 100 4000
d4 c3 11000


Misc info

Animation speed for a piecemovement from a field to next field is 1 second
Delay maker animation is 10 seconds.
For detail about this see the document: Standard Realtime chess Design

It is tedious to manually typing the playlist.
A program could be made to auto generating the playlist.

To make such a program a real implementation of Realtime chess game system would be required.
This would include movement control and collition handling.

For that you could use the Java program: kfc_mplayer
where you edit the source code, so the output of movement data
easily can be used in the simple movieplayer

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