Quick Guide: to setup the board for a linkage

z.htm is the same as chess4player.diagram.htm, just a short name for it for shorter linkage use.

To make a custom board x,y size and image size.
A specifik position setup, or specific terminal init input use this format. 


eg. try this link

  • x= is horizontal-size of board
  • y= same but vertically
  • nodead=1 removes the 2x2corner OUTAREA boarder stone images
  • term= is terminal init command parsing, multiple commands are separated with | - (the value will be unescaped, so spaces are allowed)
  • pd= is positiondata, the board piece setup. If you want to use FEN data, use epd parameter
  • txt= text to be put in textarea - (the value will be unescaped, so spaces are allowed)
  • size= is the image size